Salt Lake City, UT

Seek and Find Biomes


PRE-ORDER: ships in early April

We are so excited to announce our first book! Jorrien wrote and illustrated the book in 2019, a large majority of it while we were in Switzerland and we are so excited to finally share it!

Travel the world with Seek & Find Biomes to learn what makes our planet’s habitats unique and exciting. Young readers will put on their adventuring hats and search the tundra, alpine, forest, rainforest, savanna, grassland, desert, freshwater, and marine biomes for the plants and animals that call these regions their home. Pick out the pink river dolphin from the Amazon River, discover the desert’s prowling jaguar, and more—our world has much to discover, and Jorrien Peterson’s charming illustrations bring these biomes to life before your very eyes.

Publish Date: April 7, 2020

Published by Gibbs Smith Publisher