Hey there!

We are Fell, a husband and wife duo based in Salt Lake City. We love nature, travel, well designed products, Scandinavia, and chocolate. The combination of these loves has motivated us to start our own business to create handcrafted products for the explorer, reminiscent of past adventure and encouragement for future exploration. Fell is heavily focused on sense of place. Each product is inspired by our travels as well as our home.



He graduated from Utah State University in May 2013 with a degree in graphic design. Jorrien is a skilled graphic artist and specializes in Scandinavian illustrations and print design. His travel experience (23 countries & counting) has influenced and greatly enhanced his design. Jorrien loves to run, play softball, travel, hike, and make homemade chocolate milk. He also loves to eat his wife's food.


She graduated from Utah State University in May 2014 with a degree in marketing and minor in entrepreneurship. Tiera started her first company, a residential pressure washing business, at age 14. That experience in addition to watching her father run a company inspired her to continue the path of entrepreneurship. Tiera loves to run, knit, travel, camp, and cook for her husband and anyone else willing to eat.